Winning with AI is a state of mind

Companies capturing lasting value from artificial intelligence think differently, from the C-suite to the front line. Here’s how to make the shift from opportunistic efforts to a truly AI-enabled organization.

Executives have seen that the move from running artificial intelligence (AI) experiments and proofs of concept to capturing lasting value at scale requires an investment in strong foundations. These include aligning AI with core areas of the business; embracing important cultural and organizational shifts; and investing in new kinds of technology, training, and processes for building AI.

More and more organizations are adopting these basic practices, and those that do tend to report the highest bottom-line impact from AI. But successful organizations don’t just behave differently; our experience in thousands of client engagements around analytics and AI over the past five years shows that they also think differently about AI. At these companies, AI is etched in the collective mindset (“We are AI enabled”), rather than simply applied opportunistically (“Here’s a use case where AI can add value”).

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